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John Paul Jr. HD Blog Page

This is a place to share

This blog page is a brand new addition to our site.  It is intended to become a place to share stories about John and his tremendous racing career or insights and stories about "LIVING Huntington's disease" (a term we use at our foundation that refers to living a life affected by Huntington's disease).

If you have stories (on either subject) to share, a topic or area of interest you would like to see in a future blog, please complete the section below.  It would be our pleasure to include any heartfelt stories on our site as we build this page together!

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If you have a special memory you would like to share about John Paul Jr., or Huntington's Disease, please click here to forward to us.   This is your place to ask questions, share ideas or tell a story.  

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Blog Submittal Form

Have a story you would like to share?   This is your page.  If you have a special photograph you would like for us to post, please contact us.  

Thanks for submitting!

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