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Dr. Susan Perlman and her Team

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UCLA's Dr. Susan Perlman: About Us

Some of the latest news about Dr. Perlman's Research...

HD Research progress

UCLA's Dr. Susan Perlman: Meet the Team

Dr. Susan Perlman & her team are participating in a lead-in study towards a new drug trial from Sage Pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Susan Perlman & her team have over 200 HD patients enrolled in the natural history study (ENROLL-HD).

Dr. Susan Perlman & her team hope to participate in two other new drug trials from Teva and Retrotope.

Dr. Susan Perlman

August 29, 2019

A letter from Dr. Perlman after the 50/50 Fundraiser...

Dear Darlene and Laura,

Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to you both and John for your incredible philanthropic support and friendship over the years.  i hope you know that my one goal in life is to discover answers for the HD community as quickly as possible, which requires partners like you to fuel the research activity.

The funds donated to support Huntington's disease (HD) clinical trials at UCLA make an immediate impact to accelerate the pace of our research.  In other words, you're donation helps discover promising drugs & bring them to patients in a clinic faster.

UCLA offers the largest Huntington's disease clinic west of the Mississippi River.  This is important, because having access to a large population of patients who are eager to participate in research helps advance clinical trials.

My team relies upon donations from generous people to fuel the research activity.  John's philanthropic efforts helped UCLA complete four studies last year.  We are also continuing to progress with two additional studies and will soon launch 2 new drug trials.  In addition, a multi-center biomarker study involving HD centers not he west coast will be starting.

Thank you for helping people living with HD and their loved ones find better answers.


Dr. Susan Perlman, M.D.

Clinical Professor of Neurology

Director, Ataxia Center and HD Center of Excellence, UCLA

UCLA's Dr. Susan Perlman: News & Updates
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